Rules & Regulations

Download Little Thompson Water District's Rules and Regulations.

Download Little Thompson Water District's Rules and Regulations Section 6 Water Line Specifications.


Appendix 1Section 2Director Wards
Appendix 2Section 2Investment Policy
Appendix 3Section 2Reserve Policy
Appendix 4Section 2Cost Management Policy
Appendix 5Section 2Identity Theft Policy
Appendix 6Section 2Public Right to Information
Appendix 7Section 3Water Tap Application (Sample)
Appendix 8Section 3Domestic Water Agreement (Sample)
Appendix 9Section 6Meter Pit Detail with Dual Meters
Appendix 10Section 8Easements and Right of Way Agreement
Appendix 11Section 8Crossing Permit Agreement
Appendix 12Section 8Agreement for Water Main Extensions
Appendix 13Section 8Bill of Sale
Appendix 14Section 10Petition for Inclusion (Sample)
Appendix 15Section 10Petition for Exclusion (Sample)
Appendix 16Section 11Assignment of Water for Tap
Schedule ASection 3Tap Fee Schedule Effective March 22, 2024
Schedule BSection 15Monthly Rate Schedule Effective February 27, 2024
Schedule CSection 15Miscellaneous Fees Effective March 22, 2024
Schedule DSection 15Water Dedication Effective January 1, 2024
Schedule ESection 17Non-Potable System Submittal Requirements