Conservation Programs

As part of our mission of supporting water education and conservation, we are invested in our community's water future - but we need support! Here in Colorado's semi-arid ecosystem, using water wisely is critical. Efficiency is the path forward to help customers make smart water decisions through evolving challenges with water in the west. Little Thompson Water District is dedicated to providing resources and practical tools to help our community do its part in securing our water future through efficient water use practices.

Check out the latest water conservation programs available to Little Thompson Water District customers and start saving water and money today!


2024 Water-wise Landscape Contest

Do you love landscaping? Have you recently planted a water-wise garden or plan to do so in the near future? If so, enter the LTWD Water-wise Landscape Content for a chance to win one of three incredible prizes:

  • First Place - $250 prepaid credit card or bill credit

  • Second Place - $125 bill credit

  • Third Place - $75 bill credit

To qualify, your landscape must:

  • Be planted before June 15th OR after September 15th OR have been planted previously within the last two years
  • Be a minimum of 200 square feet with a maximum of 50 square feet of rock
  • Prioritize the use of mulch over other ground coverings
  • Prominently feature water-wise plants 
  • Utilize a water-efficient irrigation system—such as a spray or drip nozzle or watering can
  • Include three photos of the project including:
    • The project area prior to the work
    • The project area after work is completed
    • Water efficient irrigation system, or please note if you're hand-watering

To enter, send us an email and attach the application form and three time-stamped photos of your garden and irrigation system by October 15, 2024. All participants must also be willing to have their landscapes featured in our quarterly newsletter. If you have a green thumb (or have always wanted to give gardening a go) join in on the fun—you’ll help conserve water and can win big in the process. Winners will be announced on October 30, 2024.

Free Sprinkler Consultation

Maintain your sprinkler system is a quick and easy way to make sure you're only  using water when you  need it. Little Thompson Water District has partnered with Resource Central's Slow the Flow program to provide free Sprinkler Audits as part of our water conservation efforts. The audit will check for broken pipes, valves, or sprinkler heads on your sprinkler system to improve your water efficiency. District customers can schedule an appointment with a trained water irrigation specialist for a water-saving inspection of your sprinkler system. Request your FREE Audit – call 303-999-3824.

To learn more visit the Slow the Flow website.

Free Lawn Removal Consultation

Save water and money when you convert your yard! Get a free lawn removal and landscape assessment through Resource Central. They make it quick and easy to save water and money, reduce lawn maintenance, and create a colorful habitat. All you have to do is agree to replace 200 square feet of lawn with a water-wise garden. Plus as a district customer, you're eligible to receive up to $750 off the program! Request your Free Consultation - call 303-999-3820 x221.

To learn more about how to Transform your Yard with a FREE Lawn Consultation use this link to go to the Resource Central Lawn Replacement website.

Landscape Rebates

Get a rebate for your water-smart landscape! The District offers a rebate program for qualifying customers who meet the program's guidelines. Learn more and download an application:

Water-Saving Giveaways

Be on the lookout for our water-saving giveaways - we love to surprise our customers with opportunities to save water and money. We're often gifting products like arbor bags, soaker hoses, and garden hose nozzles. Follow us at the Little Thompson Water District Facebook page and check out our quarterly customer newsletters and postcards for future opportunities and more information on how to claim your free gear!

Demonstration Gardens

Our friends at Plant Select®, a non-profit collaboration between Colorado State University, Denver Botanic Gardens and The Horticulture Industry, have teamed up to provide an interactive list of demonstration gardens where you can see firsthand waterwise plants that offer big beauty for less work. Learn how to grow smart and stunning gardens using fewer resources and with a more positive environmental impact. Locally you can find gardens at the Berthoud Community LibraryChapungu Sculpture Park (Loveland), Conservation Gardens at Northern Water (Berthoud) and the Fort Collins Demonstration Garden. By implementing the principles of xeriscape, several demonstration gardens in the region serve as good examples of how to grow more with less water.