Start or Stop Service

New Service

Are you selling your property? Water is a lien-able utility in the State of Colorado. When you are in the process of selling your property, your title company will contact us with a Final Request form. The form includes the property address, closing date, seller’s and buyer’s information. Upon receipt of the Final Request form, we produce a work order for a final reading to be done on the date of closing for the seller. We estimate an amount for the Final Bill to provide to the title company for them to escrow into the seller’s closing costs. The estimate is typically higher than the actual Final Bill. Any difference is returned to the seller. We also provide our Domestic Water Agreement to the buyer. Once we have the signed agreement, we set up new service for the buyer. In essence, when a property sells, the water tap ownership is just transferred. There is a $25 fee to do the Final Reading. There is also a one-time, $25 fee to set up service for the buyer.

Rental Properties

For new service at rental properties, please call our office at (970) 532-2096.