Water Treatment & Distribution

Carter Lake Filter Plant

Along with the Central Weld County Water District, LTWD jointly owns and operates two water treatment plants at the south end of Carter Lake. The Carter Lake Filter Plant can deliver up to 50 million gallons per day of treated water. The North Plant, put into service in 1962, can deliver 30 million gallons per day. The South Plant, added in 1995, was originally rated at 10 million gallons per day. An expansion in 2001 doubled its capacity to 20 million gallons. It draws its water from the outlet works of the St. Vrain Supply Canal and Northern Water’s Carter Lake to Broomfield pipeline. Follow this link to visit the Carter Lake Filter Plant website.

Treatment System

Raw water is conveyed from Carter Lake to the Carter Lake Filter Plant, jointly owned by LTWD and Central Weld County Water District. The Carter Lake Filter Plant treats approximately 5.25 billion gallons of water each year. About 35% of that water is used by LTWD's customers.

Distribution System

More than 650 miles of water lines deliver water to LTWD customers. The LTWD District Engineer manages the development of distribution system service lines and connections through collaboration with area developers. Required adherence to the LTWD’s standards and specifications ensure capacity and reliability within the system.

Once water is conveyed from the treatment plant to LTWD’s distribution system, LTWD’s Operations department is responsible for operating and maintaining the system to ensure reliability and water quality. This includes meter reading, repair of leaks, water quality monitoring, routine maintenance, and customer service requests.