Homeowner Responsibility

The District's Rules and Regulations establish customer and homeowner responsibilities related to the property’s water service. Customer responsibilities include:

  • Installation of the service line from the point of connection on the downstream side of the water meter pit to the home or business.
  • Maintenance of landscaping to keep open access to the meter and meter pit.
  • Cost of repairs to any damage to the District’s meter resulting from customer negligence.
  • Cost of repair or replacement of the service line on the customer's side of the meter.
  • Costs associated with an extension of a main water line (if applicable).
  • Installation and maintenance of backflow/cross connection control devices necessary to protect the District’s public water system compliance with Colorado Cross Connection Manual, 5th Edition, May 2002, including all amendments and revisions accepted within, to maintain compliance with state regulations.

(Source: District Rules and Regulations Section 03 Subsection 307)

*Note: Little Thompson Water District is not responsible for water damage caused by a property’s service line or internal plumbing.