Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Water Shortage Contingency Plan Action Level Summary Table Updated April 20, 2023


Complete Water Shortage Contingency Plan

 LTWD's water storage is diversified to provide both drought   protection and a redundant source of storage in the event of a significant water shortage due to:

  • Service interruption within the transmission system
  • Flooding
  • Raw water transmission issues

The last time LTWD updated their Water Shortage Contingency Plan was June 6, 2002. LTWD has changed considerably since then. At that time LTWD only took C-BT units for water dedication and Dry Creek Reservoir was not constructed. The 2002 year was one of the driest and hottest and LTWD had to make immediate changes to our operations in restricting outdoor watering to ensure deliveries of water to homes for inside uses. Since then, LTWD has accepted native waters for water dedication as well as C-BT and has acquired Windy Gap Units for service to customers. 

The Water Shortage Contingency Plan (Plan) is sometimes also referred to as a Drought Response Plan; however, due to the way LTWD operates and where our water originates, we thought it best to maintain the title of Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

This plan outlines LTWD’s purpose, need, plan, and implementation of water shortage response; including the use of fines and water rates to assist in reducing water usage during critical times. 

 At the December 2021 Board Meeting the Board of Directors approved the Plan. The purpose of the Plan is to provide guidance for water use. Please review the complete Plan and action summary table above.